The Goa Project Sessions

The Goa Project Sessions is the current avatar of The Goa Project.

The Goa Project Sessions logo has a stylised sun-and-wave outline next to the name (which is the TGP logo), and next to that, a sylised video camera icon with the word ‘sessions’ inside it.

This weekend, on Sunday 22nd May, we’re doing our first in-person Sessions in Bangalore, and the topic is the city itself, its history, culture, traditions, art.

Suresh Jayaram will look at the city through the lens of one of its iconic botanical garden, Thejaswi Udupa will talk about a festival and its significance to the culture beyond being a religious ritual, and Lekha Naidu will present a view of the city’s theatre, both from the making and the witnessing perspectives.

To attend in person, (Room 5H, WeWork Galaxy, Residency Road) please let us know here. To join in via Zoom, register here.

TGP Sessions aim to keep our community active, engaged, making new connections, collaborating. (The community is people who have attended TGP editions or events in the past or contributed to them, or who participated in the first TGP Residency in 2018, and now, of course, those who have been attending the Sessions.) It’s also a way to grow the community, since it’s pretty clear that we won’t be able to have an in-person gathering in Goa, or any place else, any time in the near future, our traditional way to welcome new people into the fold.

They are just like the TGP unconference, except spread out over the year, for an hour at a time, and online. Plus you don’t have to choose between simultaneous sessions, and the airfare and room tariffs are much cheaper!

The Goa Project Sessions now happen on alternate Sundays (when we started, in 2020, we met every Sunday up to November of that year), 5:30–6:30 p.m. IST, on Zoom. Attendance is free, but registration is required. More here.